Imagine yourself and your company in the heat of the carnival, dancing and drumming in the streets of Rio.

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Take your event to the next level by combining our (Brazilian) percussion workshop with a samba, zumba or salsa dance workshop.

Percussion and dance have been done together as long as we can go back in time. Especially in Brazil they know how to do it.

This combi-workshop will bring you the ultimate Brazilian carnival experience.

Both our percussion and dance workshop create a lot of excitement, entertainment and fun. At the same time this combi-workshop strengthens teamwork and the overall sense of unity in the group.

There are many combinations possible. Here is an example:
Have you company split up in two sub groups. Each sub group can follow either the percussion workshop or dance workshop for 15 – 30 minutes. Directly afterwards or with a break in between, the sub groups can switch. This way the total group can experience both the percussion and the dance. The percussion and the dance workshop have an interactive arrangement. Therefore, when both sub groups have done both workshops, it is great to combine the dance with the percussion rhythm in a 10 minutes “grand finale”!

This is just one of the many possible options, contact us to discuss which package is best for your event.

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During the dance workshop we don’t focus on how to dance perfectly. It’s about teamwork and having fun! Our experienced instructors will guide you towards a fantastic swinging team.



  • Suitable for: corporate events, team building events, company parties
  • Excellent for summer and beach parties!
  • Absolutely no musical or dance experience needed
  • Can be both a team building and a fun event
  • Standing or sitting: standing (sitting is possible for percussion)
  • A grand finale is possible, duration about 10 minutes
  • Needed: 2 suitable rooms with a socket (220V)
  • Duration 15 til 45 minutes (30 min. is most common)
  • Number of participants: 10-500 people
  • Noise level percussion: ★★★★☆ – dance: ★☆☆☆☆
  • Price level: ★★★☆☆

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