Working together effectively, while having fun!

Rhythm Works! Drum4Fun.dk

An intensive workshop about working together actively.

During this workshop we playfully work with different aspects of teamwork. This workshop is about communication, leadership, timing, roles, and mutual support. The first part of this workshop will be plenary, while in the second part the group will be divided into smaller groups (with groups bigger than 12). These groups will be asked to create, rehearse and present a short rhythmical composition.

We can use different type of percussion like Brazilian percussion, street percussion (Stomp percussion), body percussion, or other types.

This workshop is rather about the process than the result. RHYTHM WORKS is an intensive and varied workshop with often surprising moments. We guarantee that you will come to know your colleagues (better).



  • Suitable for: corporate events, team building events
  • We tailor-make this workshop to your needs
  • Can be held outdoors, depending on the weather and location
  • Tools: any type of percussion
  • Standing or sitting: both possible
  • Duration: 60 minutes – a day
  • Number of participants: 6-100 people
  • Noise level: ★★☆☆☆ (depends on type op percussion)
  • Price level: ★★★★☆

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