We offer all sorts of educational workshops. From 30-minute workshops up to multiple weekly or annual lessons, from primary school to high school and conservatory level.


Bring Brazil to your school! Together we make an amazing bacteria (drum section). We will play on different percussion instruments like surdos, tamborims, agogo, repinique, caixa and shakers. Rhythms and breaks are mostly easy to play, but if the group level allows, we could make it more complex. We will focus on playing together and creating a united swinging orchestra. Our final aim is a complete Brazilian rhythmical piece. During longer workshops we will give lots of background information about Brazilian rhythms, history, culture, etc. We will focus on: instrument technique, different rhythms, breaks, timing, dynamics, Brazilian swing, composition and solos.


A great “stomp-style” workshop! Together we going to make music with everything but “real” instruments. The possibilities are endless: books, jerry cans, car wheels, brooms and so on. We will work towards a dynamic music piece where it’s all about rhythm, expression, presentation, dynamics, energy and musicality.
This workshop is especially fun for children but all ages get to see how brilliantly percussive a load of old junk can be and how much fun it’s possible to have while making lots of noise – oh, and learning some serious musical skills!
Street percussion is of all times, but has gained a great reputation by percussion groups like Stomp, Blue Man Group and Mayumana during the last decennia.


All you need is your body! Body Percussion is an incredible form of movement that combines dancing and making music in one. We will use different rhythms, giggling, combinations of clapping and stomping, and different body sounds to make a rhythmical composition. Elements that will be explored are timing, energy, dynamics and movement. This is a great workshop for children for gaining understanding of rhythm, composition and music. At the end they will have a large routine ready to be performed.


This workshop deals with typical instruments from Cuba such as: congas, bongo, cowbells and timbales. We’ll focus on typical Afro-Cuban rhythms such as the son, salsa and chácháchá. Compared to Brazilian rhythms, Cuban rhythms are a bit more complex and to play most instruments some technique is needed. Therefore the minimum age for this workshop is 12 years.

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