A DRUM4FUN workshop is the perfect activity for your corporate event or company party. It is a fun, rhythmical and musical experience that gives energy and will have a great impact on your event.

Imagine the thrill of your whole company making music together! It is a truly powerful way of giving the members of your team an unforgettable experience.

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The energy and power of a percussion workshop makes all participants feel uplifted, energised, motivated and inspired.

Experience in drumming is not required. Everyone can join in, old or young, male or female, any religion, any language.

Our workshops fit right into today’s corporate world such as:

  • Team building
  • Corporate celebrations
  • Seminars & conferences
  • Staff training
  • Staff party
  • Event kick-offs
  • Launch parties
  • Stress release

Go to &nbspWORKSHOPS&nbsp &nbspto see all our percussion programs.

Our percussion workshops are easy and all about having fun. Participants will get to know each other in a challenging, entertaining and surprising way. The musical power that is released gives new energy, motivation and inspiration. Therefore our workshops help create a positive company culture.

We tailor-make our workshops to your needs: Your input, ideas and wishes are the foundation for our workshop events.

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