We call ourselves Drum4Fun. Drums- because we use drums and percussion as a tool for creating musical team events and corporate events. Fun – because EVERYONE can participate and have fun!

Our workshops give participants an experience of active teamwork and interaction with percussion instruments.

Drum4Fun’s mission is to: :

  • provide musical team events and corporate events for companies and organisations that will stimulate a team culture.
  • Facilitate human potential and group empowerment through rhythm.


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My name is Marwijn (say Marvin) van der Poel. I was born in the Netherlands and since 2014 I have lived in Denmark. As a result of my love for rhythm and working with groups, I created some rhythm programs which turned out to be a great success and have had great positive effects on groups and organisations. I founded Drum4Fun.dk in 2014. I give every workshop with great passion and enthusiasm. It’s just fantastic to get all the energy you put in back from united drumming people.

Marwijn van der Poel

In 2013 I graduated cum laude from the Conservatorium of Rotterdam (CODARTS) where I specialised in “Latin and Brazilian percussion” . I am an official certified percussion teacher. Besides workshop facilitator, I work as a percussionist in different bands, projects and genres. In 2005 I finished my Bachelor of Business and Entrepreneurship.

Read more at: www.marwijn.nl

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